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LED Benefit

  • ‏Low power consumption relative to output lighting – ratio Lumen / Watt is very high, which explains their high energy efficiency of LED.
  • ‏Low heat output – LED lighting is created by the movement of electrons between the semiconductor, without combustion process, a very low heat emission and energy loss for minimum heat emission.
  • ‏The LED is an environmentally friendly product – the diode does not contain toxic / hazardous / harmful to the environment materials such as mercury and after use can be treated as treating waste recycling I was used.
  • ‏Illumination is not UV emitted there is no radiation and no interference to RF as in florescent lighting.
  • ‏The LED does not cause discoloration of textiles, leather, vinyl, plastic and even a long exposure.
  • ‏Unlike other lamps, the LED lighting is not damaged by multiple shutdown and lighting. LED lights up immediately and reaches its peak intensity immediately without waiting.
  • ‏The LED lighting operates in a very low voltage 12v/24v and therefore is safer than any other theory daily used light.