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Commercial solar Sys.

The Israeli government decision of June 2008 required the electric company to purchase the electricity produced at facilities photo – voltaic. The purchase price is guaranteed for 20 years from the date of signing of agreement between the consumer and the electricity company. Purchase price of electricity by the electric company linked to the CPI in its entirety. After 20 years, the Electric Company is committed to purchase the electricity at a price equal to the net surplus Tariff power at that time

Commercial solar system for electricity production system from home mostly different in size.

Solar system consisting of photo voltaic panels, it can be installed like a home system on a metal frame fixed (here’s the picture link fixed facility) or, alternatively, the tracking device, (here a link to the photo of tracking device). panels connected through a voltage converter (image link voltage converter) that connects the system to the electricity grid. In commercial systems activities monitored by the internet allowing tracking of performance control.

System connected to the electric company by production meter that monitors electricity output and pays accordingly for it. (Link to calculus of Hh”i)

The system makes use of the area is not used normally.

These systems currently installed on the roofs of buildings by the hundreds (public buildings, industrial, office).

According to a new series of Electric Authority (link regulation of the electricity authority). You can make use of unused land, such as agricultural land and others who are not abused.

System advantages:

  • no emissions or radiation
  • The system uses an energy source bride.
  • Very high reliability. Length of life almost is not limited system.
  • ROI must.
  • National level: networking infrastructure exists Savings conduction. Production of electricity during the day. Peak consumption is savings by burning coal emissions.

Types of solar panels:

Mono – crystalline – built single silicon – crystalline. solar panel is built on a single crystal silicon.

Polly boards – crystalline – built multi crystalline silicon. Silicon cells that make up the solar panel assembled by a number of crystalline silicon adjacent to each other.

Amorphous panels – constructed amorphous silicon. Solar panel built on single board composed of crystalline silicon that is smeared on various surfaces. primarily used in Thin film solutions

Who is it for?

Any commercial entity or a private institution or business wishing to take part in the green revolution – businesses, factories, communities, owners of farms, academic institutions and schools, etc.
Investment in solar energy produces a guaranteed return of 12-15% annually.

The system includes:

  • Full design optimal output.
  • Receiving all approvals of permits by experienced professionals.
  • Supply of equipment – solar panels, voltage converters, metal frame, power cables and all high-quality switches.
  • Internet Control System Installation and operation, including connection to the electricity grid.
  • Full 5 year warranty 25 year warranty manufacturer solar tables.24 months of full service includes periodic cleaning of solar panels and a commitment to the system output.

So what to do?

Our representatives invited to examine the area for installation.
Receive an attractive bid, including a business plan to calculate ROI.