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Corporate Responsibility

The company is active in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

As such, we believe the in the human need to be conducted fairly, within social orientation and preserving the planet for future generations.

Yarok Natural Energy Company has chosen to adopt a policy of corporate responsibility.

The initial activity in social ,economic and environmental responsibility, came to Yarok founders instinctively. As the years went by it became clear that the company is acting within the accepted norms of behavior while maintaining value chain that respects and maintains corporate responsibility.

The company is working on drafting the Convention, which will bind the Company’s policies. Mapping of activities and in attempt to match the improvement of impaired Convention formulated.

Led Benefit

Cost-effective lighting

  • ‏Low power consumption relative to output lighting – ratio Lumen / Watt is very high, which explains their high energy efficiency of LED.
  • ‏Low heat output – LED lighting is created by the movement of electrons between the semiconductor, without combustion process, a very low heat emission and energy loss for minimum heat emission.
  • ‏The LED is an environmentally friendly product – the diode does not contain toxic / hazardous / harmful to the environment materials such as mercury and after use can be treated as treating waste recycling I was used.
  • ‏Illumination is not UV emitted there is no radiation and no interference to RF as in florescent lighting.
  • ‏The LED does not cause discoloration of textiles, leather, vinyl, plastic and even a long exposure.
  • ‏Unlike other lamps, the LED lighting is not damaged by multiple shutdown and lighting. LED lights up immediately and reaches its peak intensity immediately without waiting.
  • ‏The LED lighting operates in a very low voltage 12v/24v and therefore is safer than any other theory daily used light.

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