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We, in Yarok natural energy believe that renewable energy is the main energy source of human kind’s future.

We are constantly and with determination working to make renewable energy sources more useful and common.

Yarok* natural energy Inc was established by Yaron Praktovnik & Ran Mizrachi. Both are residents of Zurit in the western Galilee. With the main purpose of building commercial electricity manufacturing systems and selling it to the national electricity company, the young company soon enrolled.

In addition the company is providing solutions in selling and installing independent & on-grid energy manufacturing systems to enterprises, private labels and public institutes.

The company holds a variety of services beyond installation of photo-voltaic systems including propriety energy saving solutions and experts advice on the matter.

  • To install energy manufacturing systems in commercial volume relaying on present legislation and public atmosphere.

  • To become a major factor in offering “green” solutions of alternative energy.

  • To become a leading company in the first quanta stage and gather experience.

  • To allow interested parties a financial investment in a developing, lucrative & Green area.