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Solar systems for electricity – the system

Global warming and expedited consumption of natural resources for creating energy are forcing states and governments to approve energy solutions from non-perishable resources.

The Israeli government in its resolution from June 2008 has committed the national electricity company to purchase the electricity manufactured in photo-voltaic facilities in Israel.

The purchasing cost is set for 20 years from agreement signing between the consumers and the national electricity company. The price is adjacent to the index in full. After those 20 years, the national company is obliged to purchase the electricity at cost. All surpluses from manufacturing is streamed to the grid.

Installed system

Installed systems in the north. Call arrange a visit: 04-9990336

Benefits of solar energy system:

  • The system does not emit gases or radiation in any way
  • Source of solar energy, the sun, is viable and endless
  • System life is virtually unlimited and is the most reliable
  • By law ROI is certain and most safe
  • Savings in transmission infrastructure by connecting the existing power grid
  • As we consume more solar electricity, we save the burning of coal and other polluting emissions